Meet the People Who Pave the Way

Our history of innovation dates back more than 80 years. It also stretches into the future with an extensive distribution network and industry-leading customer service.

More than 80 years and millions of miles

In our time, we’ve covered a lot of ground, paving some 12.7 million miles of asphalt roadway across North America. We’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about asphalt – how to improve it, make it last longer and perform better in all manner of conditions. It’s the road we’ve been on from the beginning and we will continue to stay on it now and into the future.


Paving the way

Glenn E. Nielson started this business with a single leased oilfield and the reopening of the shuttered Park Refinery in Cody, Wyoming in 1938. By 1952 Nielson had built the Husky Oil Company, with production in seven states and Canada, and refineries producing gasoline and the versatile paving material, asphalt. To this day, Mr. Nielson’s relentless drive and innovative thinking sets the tone for how we approach every aspect of asphalt research, production and delivery.


All Husky facilities practise the Husky Operation Integrity Management System (HOIMS). HOIMS is a set of policies focused on operational integrity and process safety. Collectively, they protect the public, minimize any impact to the environment, safeguard the health and well-being of employees, contractors and customers, and protect physical assets (such as facilities and equipment) from damage or loss.

More information on HOIMS and Husky Safety

Where you need it, when you need it

From the American Midwest to Canada’s northern territories, Husky Asphalt will go farther to make sure you receive product on your schedule.

Our extensive logistics network comprised of rail, truck and transload gives you peace of mind that your product will be delivered on time wherever you need it.

Husky Asphalt owns two major refineries in Lloydminster, SK, Canada and Superior, WI, United States. These refineries supply our network of nine terminals and direct to customers via truck and rail.

From here to there

Ease of transport is built into our core business with our longstanding relationships with both CN and CP in Canada, as well as BN, UP, CSXT, NS and various other short lines in the United States.

Product can be picked up as seamlessly as it can be delivered, whether by truck, rail car leases or freight. Husky Asphalt transports over 10,000 rail cars per year across North America

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