From the Ground Up

Top quality starts with our unique crude oil that we use to create the softest straight-run grade of asphalt in North America. It extends to our ISO-certified refinery, our strategic terminal network and rail fleet.

Developed from Husky’s crude petroleum at our refineries, asphalt cement is combined with aggregate to create firm road surfaces and can be modified to meet a variety of project and industry specifications. Husky Asphalt cements have proven resistant to cracking and rutting caused by environmental changes.

Performance Grade

Husky manufactures over 60 performance-graded asphalt products to meet the growing demands of the paving industry.

Husky’s technical staff is actively involved in the development of related specifications and test methods. This includes our straight-run asphalt, modified asphalts and our proprietary Black Max™  product line.

Pen Grade

Asphalts in this category are ranked for their penetration at 25° C (77° F) and viscosity at 135° C (275° F) number (PenVisNumber, or PVN).


The Multiple Stress Creep Recovery (MSCR) test and specification was developed to provide a more accurate indicator of rutting performance, regardless of asphalt modification. Husky asphalts can be provided with MSCR specifications, meeting the specifications set by individual markets. 



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