Next-Generation Asphalt

Our innovations let you build long-lasting and low-maintenance roads that perform in all climatic and traffic conditions.

Black Max™ PMA

Husky produces high-quality polymer-modified asphalts that withstand all weather and traffic conditions.

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Building the future from the past

Building better roads with recycled asphalt products (RAP) can come with substantial cost savings and environmental stewardship.

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"Husky Asphalt has developed a specialized product that allows road builders to take their RAP design from 20% to 38% and still meet specification. That brings significant cost savings, while delivering quality roads for owners and drivers."

Strong foundations in asphalt

With superior crude comes top-quality asphalt cement. Build your project from the ground up with Husky Asphalt’s wide variety of performance and pen-graded asphalts.

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Pavement preservation starts with planning

Our history with Pounder Emulsions and long-term presence in the asphalt industry provides us with the framework to constantly develop and innovate in the field and our labs. Backed by science and industry testing, we provide the right product for your application.

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When you need a product suited to your environment

Ideal for use in adverse climate conditions, cutback asphalts provide a flexible alternative to straight-run asphalt materials with similar durability.

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Safety at your fingertips

Our public database of Safety Data Sheets, means vital information is readily available to customers and their employees.

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