Making Better Roads Makes Perfect Sense

Our commitment to PMAs and to quality assurance means customers can build low maintenance and long-lasting roads.

Quality assurance

Cenovus is committed to continuous quality control in the asphalt construction process. Our Technical Services team ensures customers get the right product every time. Our team will work with you from specification setting and bid tendering until the final load is down.

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Building partnerships

Our teams of sales and technical experts are well equipped for consultative projects. Amplified by Cenovus Asphalt’s history in testing and product development, we are prepared to find build solutions as unique as your project. 

Our wide-ranging catalogue of asphalt cements (link to asphalt cements) and other products means we have the right materials for the job and our dedicated teams will help you determine which product is right for you.

Through our history, we have created partnerships with companies across the industry to complete projects, provide distribution and develop new asphalt and emulsions innovation. 

Each year we look forward to helping our partners create their own success stories.

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Build better roads with Black Max™ PMA

Cenovus has been on the leading edge of using polymer-modified asphalts (PMA) and branded Black Max™ to deal with the diverse climatic conditions that affect modern roads.

Along with our extensive range of asphalt cements, we continually invest in PMA to help our customers build better roads. PMA is more resistant to rutting and thermal cracking when compared to straight-run, and can be adapted to meet the needs of individual projects.


Creating a legacy of PMA investment

1990: Dr. Ludo Zanzotto helped develop a proof of concept in the first full-scale polymer plant commissioned by Cenovus at the Lloydminster Refinery.

2017: Cenovus Asphalt opens the PMA facility in Edmonton, AB that helped boost our production capabilities.

2020: Cenovus renews our commitment to innovation and investment in PMA from product to process with the Lloydminster Refinery expansion. The project allows Cenovus Asphalt to produce 70,000 cubic metres of PMA, ensuring reliable supply capacity for any project.

2021: Cenovus Asphalt will continue to support PMA in U.S. markets and commit to help build better roads across North America with the return of our Superior Refinery.

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