Build Better Roads with our Innovative Family of PMAs

Black Max proves the superior value and quality of our polymer-modified asphalt. We recently proved our commitment to PMA by doubling our production capacity.


Black Max™ PMA is proven to perform with superior results

Husky has been at the forefront of innovative research dedicated to meet clients’ needs since the early 1980s. Since 1986, Black Max™ PMA products have proven themselves throughout Western Canada in diverse and
difficult conditions.

Black Max™ PMA provides:

  • Exceptional resistance to rutting, fatigue, reflective and cold temperature cracking.
  • Improved tensile strength and aggregate-asphalt adhesion.
  • Superior performance in extreme temperatures and heavy traffic.
  • Increased service life and reduced life-cycle cost.

And Black Max™ PMA requires no special handling, mixing, storage or transportation. It’s business as usual, with superior results.


The Black Max™ PMA family

Through field-tested innovations, Husky produces premium-grade modified asphalts with a wide range of performance characteristics to suit any project.

Black Max™ Intersection Plus
Exhibits exceptional resistance to rutting while under extreme traffic loading.

Black Max™ Bridge Mastic
Perfect for the ever-changing environment of bridge decks.

Black Max™ Cold Climate
Ideal for cold temperature situations, providing excellent resistance to cold temperature cracking.

Black Max™ Paving Grade
Designed to perform in both hot and cold temperature situations under a variety of traffic conditions while giving unparalleled resistance to deformation and cracking.

Black Max™ Heavy Traffic
Delivers superior performance when faced with high traffic loading, even in hot climates.


What’s in your PMA?

The best performance asphalts begin with the best asphalt molecule:

  • Husky’s heavy oil fields around Lloydminster produce heavy crude.
  • This heavy oil is uniquely suited to produce high-quality asphalt.
  • Raw crude comes out of the ground and into our ‘Asphalt First’ ISO-certified refinery in Lloydminster.

Husky’s Black Max™ PMA gives you:

  • A-grade neat asphalt bases.
  • Asphalt that is super-compatible with polymer, exceeding all proposed parameters in the forthcoming AASHTO ΔTc specification.
  • The best storage stability.
  • A no-PPA approach.*


Stretch your budget dollar with better life cycle value

Extensive field experiments were done in the U.S. by the Asphalt Institute to determine a quantifiable benefit of PMA over HMA. Their findings indicate that polymer-modified asphalt = smart economics.

Estimated Performance Increase in Service Life

PMA Estimated Performance Increase in Service Life graph

Life Cycle Cost Savings

  • Conservative estimate of 5-15% savings.

Reduced Maintenance Activities

  • Crew safety.
  • Traffic safety.


*Husky Asphalt formulates its PMA without the use or inclusion of polyphosphoric acid.

Source: Mark Buncher and Carlos Rosenberger, Asphalt Institute, “Understanding the True Economics of Using Polymer Modified Asphalt through Life Cycle Cost Analysis” (2005)

Source: “Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Engineered Pavements: The True Costs And Savings With Modified Binders”, AMAP Annual Meeting, Feb 2, 2005, Mark Buncher, Ph.D, P.E., Director of Field Engineering, Asphalt Institute