Going the Distance

Along with great roads, we build great relationships. Our technical and sales staff work closely to deliver answers for our trusted partners.

Discover, develop and deliver

Ensuring your team has the right product is Husky’s goal. 

Husky Asphalt provides dedicated technical and sales representatives to help discover your needs, develop your ideal product and deliver that product consistently.

Every project presents unique challenges. Our dedicated team of technical staff and sales representatives will help you discover your specific needs, develop your ideal spec, then deliver a custom product to overcome any project challenges. 

We encourage customers to talk to our team about specifications, custom products and possible value-added alternatives. We can help with everything from pavement preservation plans to preparations for your next build. 

Business solutions

Building strong relationships is at the core of everything we do. We focus on creating open dialogue and building trust with our customers through assigned sales representatives and our accessible technical services team.

Being adaptable is how we do business. In many regions, the asphalt industry is seasonal. At Husky Asphalt, we work year-round to better serve our customers. Tracking technology, pricing, specification requirements and supply is how we can meet your needs whenever and whatever they are.
Husky Asphalt has worked with partners of all sizes, adapting to varying schedules and pricing models.

Speak with your regional Husky representative early in your process to discover the benefits of working with our team.

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Public-private partnerships

In 2015, Husky embarked on a five-year partnership with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure to complete the Regina Bypass project, the largest infrastructure project in the province’s history.

The project required Husky to provide a reliable supply of purpose-specific PMA and innovative pricing models to reduce the risk to our government partners.

This is just one example of Husky Asphalt’s ability to partner with public and private organizations to accomplish projects that would otherwise be challenging without our ability to provide consistent and custom solutions, including product and technical services, project scheduling and supply, as well as business risk management


Husky Asphalt provides many trusted organizations in the asphalt industry with essential asphalt supply. Our high-quality and consistent crude feed provides a premium-quality stable asphalt for many applications, including paving and blending.

As an integrated asphalt business, Husky Asphalt provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will have reliable supply and quality throughout the relationship. Our direct access to crude oil, “Asphalt First” orientation, committed sales and technical teams, plus our extensive logistics network means your company will have consistent access to the products you require. 

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