Standing the Test of Time — and Traffic

Our commitment to better roads doesn't stop with building them. We also develop products to extend their lives.

Our emulsions story

Emulsions have been a key part of Husky’s asphalt business over the past four decades. When Husky Asphalt purchased Pounder Emulsions in the early 1980s, the company was a leading provider of asphalt emulsions.

Through active involvement and leadership in industry associations and standards organizations, Husky Asphalt has been instrumental in the development of specifications and test methods for the manufacturing and use of emulsified asphalts.

Many of the standard emulsified asphalts in use today were conceived and developed by the Pounder Emulsions team. Husky Asphalt aims to continue and extend that legacy.

Preventative maintenance

Husky Asphalt has developed products that improve pavement life cycle. This is critical at a time when governments try to get the most out of existing roads and, when it is time to build, create long-lasting infrastructure.

By creating a proactive asphalt pavement preservation plan, pavement life cycles can be significantly extended and the cost of road repair and asphalt maintenance can be spread into manageable budgets when compared to full rehabilitation costs.

Choosing the right plan

The best pavement preservation plans start by identifying pavement conditions, type of distress and the traffic load of a road. These indicators are key to choosing the right treatments.

There are four main types of pavement preservation:

  • crack sealing and filling
  • chip seals
  • micro-surfacing and slurry seals
  • thin overlays

Husky Asphalt currently offers a wide range of pavement treatments. Our technical services and sales teams will help you identify what treatment is best for your project.

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