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Husky Asphalt news

Husky Takes PMA Production to the Next Level


Q3, 2020 — Lloydminster, SK CANADA

Husky Asphalt has been a pioneer in the development of Polymer-Modified Asphalt (PMA) in North America, producing and marketing our Black Max family of PMA products. With the growing demand for PMA, we recently opened our new PMA production facility in Lloydminster, Canada.

This facility significantly increases Husky Asphalt’s PMA production capacity, further enabling ease of supply for larger-scale projects today, with significant capacity to expand production to support our customers’ longer-term demand for PMA.

Read about new features of the facility and what it can deliver for you in the latest edition of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association’s Think BIG. Read the full story here.

Speed of Construction

National Asphalt Pavement Association

Husky Asphalt’s industry partners at NAPA have released a two-page case study and accompanying video detailing the speed of construction asphalt benefit. Speed of construction has long presented itself as a benefit of choosing asphalt materials over concrete. Highlighting the work by Barriere Construction Co. LLC in Louisiana during the 2016 paving season, NAPA was able to show the cost reduction of using asphalt materials and the significantly reduced inconvenience to travelers.

Husky Asphalt’s dedication to building better roads is why we are a proud member of the NAPA organization and appreciate the collaborative effort they put into developing our industry. 

For more information visit NAPA at

Dr. David R. Jones IV scholarship winner 2020

Mackenzie Steffen

2020 — University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK CANADA

Husky Asphalt would like to recognize and congratulate our Technical Services and Innovation Co-op Student, Mackenzie Steffen, on being selected by the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers (AMAP) for the Dr. David R. Jones IV scholarship award. The $2,000 scholarship is intended to assist students pursuing education in fields related to asphalt modification and will be presented at the AMAP 21st Annual Conference & Workshop in Palm Springs, California on Feb. 12, 2020.

Mackenzie has worked with our Technical Services and Innovation team in Saskatoon every summer since 2017 and is currently pursuing her Civil Engineering degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Mackenzie plans to pursue a career within the asphalt industry and hopes to participate in the Husky Engineer-in-Training program after she completes her studies.

From everyone here at Husky Asphalt, congratulations, Mackenzie!

Undergraduate scholarship winner 2019

Febrianto Scholarship Winner

2019 — University of Calgary, Calgary, AB CANADA

In the spirit of celebrating victories, Husky Asphalt would like to recognize and congratulate our Co-op Student, Febrianto Vincent, on receiving one of three Canadian Technical Asphalt Association scholarships. The scholarships of $2000 each are intended to assist students pursuing education in asphalt technologies. Febrianto worked with our Technical Services and Innovation team in Saskatoon and is currently pursuing his chemical engineering degree at the University of Calgary. Inspired by his time with Husky Asphalt, Febrianto is interested in pursuing a career within the asphalt industry after he completes his studies.

Congratulations, Febrianto, and good luck in your continued studies!

Award-winning innovation 2018

July 2018 — Regina, SK CANADA

Dr. Martin Jasso and Brett Lambden, two of Husky's top-notch researchers, received the Elaine Thompson Editor's Award for Written Presentation at the 2018 annual conference of the Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA). Their research focused on how the new generation of crosslinkers will lead to new types of polymer modified asphalt (PMA) binders.

AASHTO accreditation 

AASHTO Certification

U.S. accreditation of Saskatoon Asphalt Lab underscores our reputation as a leader in asphalt product development and production.

Husky’s Asphalt Lab has been accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). AASHTO is a non-profit and non-partisan standards body that publishes specifications, test protocols and guidelines used in highway design and construction throughout the United States.

Our asphalt lab in Saskatoon tests our products to ensure they meet the specifications and quality standards of the markets in which they are sold. The lab also acts as an innovation incubator, having produced new grades and types of longer lasting and better performing asphalt products. The accreditation of the lab allows Husky more market diversification, providing us the credibility and required sanctioning to sell asphalt in various markets in the United States.

“The AASHTO accreditation was an intensive, year-long process involving multiple inspector lab visits and audits,” said Brett Lambden, Technical Services & Innovation Manager. “Achieving this accreditation is a feather in Husky’s cap, strengthening our reputation as an innovator and leader in asphalt product development and production.”

This is not the first time Husky has invested in asphalt innovation. Since 1995, we’ve partnered with the University of Calgary to fund the Husky Energy Endowed Research Chair in Bituminous Materials. The lab is one of the world’s top research and development asphalt facilities.

Pioneers in the asphalt business since the 1940s, Husky now has eight asphalt emulsion production facilities in the United States and Canada. With expanded production capacity following the acquisition of the Superior Refinery and market leadership across expanded retail markets, asphalt production is a key piece of our corporate strategy.

For more information on Husky’s Asphalt Lab, contact Brett Lambden.