Expanding our presence in Midwest United States

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Hitting the Mark in Ohio

Husky Asphalt has always focused on creating long-lasting relationships in the paving industry. In 2019, Husky searched for innovative ways to establish a base for our business in the U.S. mid-continent market by working with Seneca to lease its two Toledo-based asphalt terminals.Ohio asphalt market

The Toledo terminals at Front St. and Woodville Rd. feature rail and truck loading (and barge loading at Front Street) to serve the Ohio, Michigan and Indiana markets. The terminals also feature PMA plants for production of Husky’s Black Max PMA.

We maintained the original terminal employees, benefitting from their extensive wealth of local and industry knowledge.

Husky’s presence has enhanced the competitive dynamic in a marketplace with limited supply options. With growing need for infrastructure development across the U.S., expanding into the mid-continental market was a strategic decision.

“Leasing the Toledo terminals gave us the ability to bring asphalt in from our Lloydminster Refinery,” said Keith Bochard, Husky Sales Advisor. “Along with the product from both of our Ohio refineries, Lima and Toledo, Husky can offer various asphalt paving grades to the U.S. mid-continental market.”

To provide integral American markets with the service and expertise Husky is known for, Husky is working to develop relationships with more terminals in anticipation of the re-opening of the Superior Refinery.

Until then, Husky will continue to push the envelope on building better roads with our technical knowledge, our dedication to industry relationships and our commitment to providing the right products, to the right market, at the right time.

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