Build Better Roads with our Innovative Family of PMAs

Black Max proves the superior value and quality of our polymer-modified asphalt. We recently proved our commitment to PMA by doubling our production capacity.


Black Max™ proves the superior value and quality of our polymer-modified asphalt. We recently demonstrated our commitment to PMA by doubling our production capacity.

Husky has been at the forefront of innovative research dedicated to meet clients’ needs since the early 1980s. Since 1986, Black Max™ PMA products have proven themselves throughout Western Canada in diverse and challenging conditions.

Black Max™ PMA provides:

  • exceptional resistance to rutting, fatigue, reflective and cold temperature cracking
  • improved tensile strength and aggregate-asphalt adhesion
  • superior performance in extreme temperatures and heavy traffic
  • increased service life and reduced life-cycle cost

Black Max™ PMA requires no special handling, mixing, storage or transportation. It’s business as usual, with superior results.

In 2005, the Asphalt Institute released the results of their study, Quantification of the Effects of Polymer Modified Asphalt for Reducing Pavement Distress (Asphalt Institute Publication ER-215) detailing the benefits of working with PMA. The study found that pavement distress measurements were significantly lower in PMA mixes. 

Read the Asphalt Pavement Alliance summary


The Black Max™ PMA family

Through field-tested innovations, Husky produces premium-grade modified asphalts with a wide range of performance characteristics to suit any project.

Black Max™ Intersection Plus
Exhibits exceptional resistance to rutting while under extreme traffic loading.

Black Max™ Bridge Mastic
Perfect for the ever-changing environment of bridge decks.

Black Max™ Cold Climate
Ideal for cold temperatures, providing excellent resistance to cold temperature cracking.

Black Max™ Paving Grade
Designed to perform in both hot and cold temperatures under a variety of traffic conditions while giving unparalleled resistance to deformation and cracking.

Black Max™ Heavy Traffic
Delivers superior performance when faced with high traffic loading, even in hot climates.


What’s in your PMA?

The best performance asphalts begin with the best asphalt molecule:

  • Husky’s heavy oilfields around Lloydminster produce heavy crude
  • This heavy oil is uniquely suited to produce high-quality asphalt
  • Raw crude comes out of the ground and into our ‘Asphalt First’ ISO-certified refinery in Lloydminster

Husky’s Black Max™ PMA gives you:

  • A-grade neat asphalt bases
  • asphalt that is super-compatible with polymer, exceeding all proposed parameters in the forthcoming AASHTO ΔTc specification
  • the best storage stability
  • a no-PPA approach*


Stretch your budget dollar with better life cycle value

Extensive field experiments were done in the U.S. by the Asphalt Institute to determine a quantifiable benefit of PMA over HMA. Their findings indicate that polymer-modified asphalt = smart economics.

Estimated Performance Increase in Service Life

PMA Estimated Performance Increase in Service Life graph

Life Cycle Cost Savings

  • Conservative estimate of 5-15% savings.

Reduced Maintenance Activities

  • Crew safety.
  • Traffic safety.


*Husky Asphalt formulates its PMA without the use or inclusion of polyphosphoric acid.

Source: Mark Buncher and Carlos Rosenberger, Asphalt Institute, “Understanding the True Economics of Using Polymer Modified Asphalt through Life Cycle Cost Analysis” (2005)

Source: “Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Engineered Pavements: The True Costs And Savings With Modified Binders”, AMAP Annual Meeting, Feb 2, 2005, Mark Buncher, Ph.D, P.E., Director of Field Engineering, Asphalt Institute


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