Driven to Make Better Roads

Over the last 80 years, we've spent a lot of time thinking about asphalt. How to improve it, make it last longer and perform better in all weather conditions. We've come up with answers that set new industry standards.


From the ground up

Husky Asphalt's holistic approach starts with sourcing top-grade heavy crude oil from Husky’s heavy oil fields that produces the softest straight-run grade of asphalt in North America. This travels through Husky’s pipelines to be processed at our specialized refining facilities into different asphalt products, some with additives to enhance and modify their performance characteristics. We follow through with on-time delivery via our efficient transportation network. It all adds up to pavement that stands the test of time.

Asphalt first

"Asphalt First"  is a unique driver for Husky, starting with our crude molecules, through our refineries, terminals and QA testing at our labs, culminating at your job site via our efficient transportation network.

Husky’s commitment to quality asphalt production ensures a steady and reliable supply to every project. " Husky boasts the unique Husky Lloydminster Refinery where asphalt is the primary focus of production. Other by-products from the facility are then put to market to be used at other refineries. 

Quality control

Husky has a long-standing reputation for delivering quality asphalt products.

It starts with our Lloydminster Refinery which operates under an ISO 9001:2015 (International Organization for Standardization), to ensure safety, reliability and quality.

With controls across our entire refinery and terminal network, as well as product testing completed by our Technical Services and Innovation team at our AASHTO-accredited labs, you can trust products provided by Husky Asphalt will comply with extensive quality control.

In addition, Husky maintains quality standards by being actively involved in specification development committees for North American and international operations.


AASHTO Accreditation


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