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Our customers have achieved exceptional results with our polymer-modified asphalt and other products. They've also helped test our innovations.


At the leading edge of asphalt research

Cenovus Asphalt's labs are the source of all innovation, boasting products with superior performance in extreme temperatures. Cenovus has also led the way in sustainability, developing new approaches to incorporating recycled asphalt in road projects. 



How partnering with Cenovus Asphalt helps build better roads

Polymer-Modified Asphalt (PMA) trial project


Location: Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada

Cenovus's role: Cenovus introduced a new PMA product to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (Sask MHI) and helped develop the accompanying specification.

Partners: Sask MHI and Aecon Transportation West 

Completed: June 2019

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How the City of Saskatoon used Full-Depth Reclamation 

FDR project, City of Saskatoon

Husky Bulk Plant Location

Location: Industrial roads near Saskatoon International Airport, Canada

Cenovus's role: Husky created a custom-engineered emulsion mix to facilitate the use of recycled asphalt in the FDR process.

Customer: City of Saskatoon

Partners: Ingevity, Northern Blacktop

Completed: September 2018

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Cenovus Asphalt proves it is the ideal P3 asphalt supply partner for significant transportation infrastructure projects

Regina Bypass P3 Paving Project

Husky Bulk Plant Location

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Cenovus's role: Collaborated with construction partners in the bidding process. Once the contract was awarded, we created a custom polymer-modified asphalt mix to withstand traffic volumes, extreme temperatures and a 30-year maintenance period.

Customer: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (Sask MHI)

Partners: Regina Bypass Consortium

Completed: October 2019



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Building better runways in remote communities

Airport runway project, Churchill, Manitoba

Husky Bulk Plant Location

Location: Churchill, Manitoba

Cenovus's role: Provide PG 58-40P, made with a new formulation, and SS-1 emulsion to the remote area of Churchill, Manitoba for a much-needed update of the Churchill Airport runway.

Customer: Canadian Federal Government

Partners: Nelson River Construction

Completed: August 2020



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