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How the City of Saskatoon used FDR to repair two roads

Full Depth Reclamation project, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Husky Bulk Plant Location

Location: Industrial roads near Saskatoon International Airport, Canada

Husky's role: Husky a customized engineered emulsion mix

Customer: City of Saskatoon

Partners: Ingevity, Northern Blacktop

Completion date: September 2018


Two roads in the industrial area of Saskatoon were in need of repair. One had sunk, creating a trough in the centre section and suffered from asphalt breakouts and fatigue cracking. The other also had fatigue cracking and asphalt blowouts.

When approached for a road repair solution by the City of Saskatoon, Northern Blacktop suggested Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), a process that rebuilds damaged asphalt by recycling the existing pavement into a strong and durable base.


FDR is not a new technology, and there are options for the materials to use in the process. Husky Asphalt recommended an engineered emulsion after working extensively with project stakeholders to determine the best technology for the job.

In a collaborative effort, Ingevity & Husky Asphalt specially formulated a cationic slow-setting emulsion product for this road repair.

The Husky Asphalt sales team and Technical Services & Innovation group were involved in the FDR project from start to finish:

  • on-site assessment of the paving requirements
  • in-depth consultations with customer and project partners
  • participation in creating the mix design
  • rigorous quality-control lab testing
  • on-site technical support throughout the live FDR paving project


FDR is a cost-effective method to recreate a strong, durable base and extend the life cycle of pavement.

By grinding the existing pavement into the base, sometimes twice, then adding the engineered emulsion and gravel to stabilize it before paving, the benefits of FDR are obvious:

  • creates a flexible, fatigue-resistant base material that avoids cracking and other structural damage
  • reduces material costs by recycling existing material
  • reduces freight costs because there is no hauling required of new or old materials
  • provides a pavement life cycle of 15-20+ years, as long as the surface is maintained

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