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Husky Asphalt proves it is the ideal P3 asphalt supply partner for significant transportation infrastructure projects

Regina Bypass P3 Paving Project

Husky Bulk Plant Location

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Husky's role: Collaborated with construction partners in the bidding process. Once the contract was awarded, we created a custom polymer-modified asphalt mix to withstand traffic volumes, extreme temperatures and a 30-year maintenance period.


Customer: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (Sask MHI) 

Partners: Regina Bypass Consortium

Completion date: October 2019




The Regina Bypass is the largest transportation infrastructure project in Saskatchewan history. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (MHI) chose to follow a public-private partnership (P3) model to build and maintain the Regina Bypass because they determined there are savings to taxpayers when using a P3 approach.
Husky Asphalt was chosen during the bid process to be the P3 asphalt supplier. Why? Because our proven track record meant we could meet the challenges of this significant paving project:
  • create a customized PMA mix design to withstand traffic volumes, intense seasonal climate changes, and a 30-year maintenance period
  • deliver a reliable, steady supply of quality asphalt for the entire 4-year construction phase
  • consult and collaborate with the consortium partners throughout the project, from beginning to end


Creating a mix design to ensure a consistent supply of quality asphalt during a 4-year construction period, and provide a 30-year life cycle, takes superior technical expertise. Husky Asphalt's Technical Services & Innovation (TS&I) team brings their in-depth knowledge to every project they collaborate on.

Not only did Husky Asphalt provide a custom PMA solution, our innovative business model for this project enabled the P3 consortium to rely on their budget forecasts and meet the project goal of reducing taxpayer costs.


Husky Asphalt helps its customers build better roads. Not just a leading asphalt supplier, Husky's technical expertise and consultative approach leads to successful partnerships that move the road building industry forward.

"It's been rewarding and it's been challenging to deliver on this custom asphalt solution for this large infrastructure project. But we've been able to achieve and meet the goals and expectations of the design build team," says Brett Lambden, TS&I Manager, Husky Asphalt.

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