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How partnering with Husky Asphalt helps build better roads

Polymer-Modified Asphalt (PMA) Trial Project, Rosetown, Saskatchewan

Husky Bulk Plant Location

Location: Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada

Husky's role: Husky introduced a new PMA product to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (Sask MHI) and helped develop the accompanying specification.

Partners: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (Sask MHI), Aecon Transportation West (Aecon)

Completion date: June 2019


Sask MHI requested bids to pave a section of roadway near Rosetown, SK.

Aecon Transportation West was awarded the contract and approached Husky Asphalt to supply straight-run 150/200 asphalt.

With our expertise with the superior performance of PMA, especially in hot and cold climates, we recommended a portion of the project be dedicated to PMA as a trial.


Sask MHI, Aecon and Husky worked together to:

  • test a new PMA product on a provincial highway
  • develop the accompanying PMA specification
  • develop a testing protocol to monitor results over time

"This project is the first of its kind, bringing polymer-modified asphalt on an EPS paving project in Saskatchewan. This is a landmark victory for the industry," said Trevor Nabe, Contracts Manager, Aecon. "Having a long-term trusted partner like Husky Asphalt enables us to push the envelope on a project such as this where we can deliver something that’s new and innovative to a mainstream project."


Husky Asphalt helps its customers build better roads. Not just a leading asphalt supplier, Husky's technical expertise and consultative approach leads to successful partnerships that move the road building industry forward.

"Husky’s technical expertise makes it much simpler on our end,” said Nabe. “They did all the technical leg work in the background and for us, it was just a matter of working together to put a proposal together."

"The future of our partnership will only continue to grow because we can count on each other to be leaders in this area. The benefit of working with Husky is that there’s a great deal of trust and integrity, a high level of professionalism and expertise on their end, and they’re easy to work with. At the end of the day, they provide the technical and the product support that we need on our end and deliver on their promises."

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