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Husky-endowed Chair of Bituminous Materials at the University of Calgary continues influential research

October 2020 — Calgary, AB Canada

Being published is nothing new for Dr. Martin Jasso, the Husky-endowed Chair of Bituminous Materials at the University of Calgary. Recently featured in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science, his latest article, Development of internal structure of polymer-modified asphalts via transformations of the reduced frequency, will support Husky Asphalt’s research in evaluating the poteAsphalt PMA researchntial effects of modifiers on asphalt composites.

Co-authored by Jiri Stastna, Giovanni Polacco and Giacomo Cuiciniello, the article explores the apparent molecular weight distribution (MWD) and temperature of asphalt materials. Dr. Jasso and his team applied new, innovative research methods to accommodate the unique structural differences of Polymer-Modified Asphalt (PMA) over other varieties of asphalt.

As the temperature increased, the asphalt transitioned from a solid-like material to a flexible solid, and finally, to a more liquid state. These changes resulted from the type of polymer that was used.

Dr. Jasso hopes these findings can be a catalyst for future researchers looking to explore molecular structural organization. His techniques can help identify the quality of asphalt, based on aging and manufacturing conditions, before it is even used to pave a road. This research will also further enhance Husky Asphalt’s ability to build better roads.

Read the abstract here.

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